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Safety is a top priority for me...

Whether you are concerned about Covid-19 or overall newborn safety, I understand!!!

First--let's talk about Covid-19. 

Over the past 3 years, I have done everything that I can to keep myself, my family, and the families that I photograph safe.  I wash my hands and carry wipes/hand sanitizer with me at all times.

When I photograph families of newborns in their homes, I will wear a mask if parents are more comfortable with me doing so.   I have parents position the baby themselves unless they are comfortable with me positioning baby.


I am up to date on Covid-19 vaccinations! I have also received the current flu shot and Tdap.  Hurray!!

Now let's talk about newborn safety.

My newborn sessions are captured as "Lifestyle" sessions.  Meaning that I do not pose newborns with props.  I use "natural" poses with your newborn in your arms, on your bed or in their crib.  As mentioned above, I have parents gently place baby with my verbal guidance unless parents are comfortable with me positioning baby.  I capture the wonder of welcoming a new member of your family in the comfort and safety of your home.  

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